ICaP has a rich history of supporting writing instructors teaching in technologically rich environments. The current model was formalized in Fall 2003. For more on the development and implementation of this program, check out Samantha Blackmon and Shirley Rose’s piece “Plug and Play: Technology and Mentoring Teachers of Writing,” in Don’t Call It That: The Composition Practicum (ed. Sid Dobrin, 2005).  Below is a list of previous tech mentors that have continued to pursue education, research, and application within the intersections of technology and pedagogy.

Current ICaP Technology Mentors

Kristyn Childres (2019-Present)

Dee McCormick (2018-Present)

Past ICaP Technology Mentors

Patrick Love (2017-2019)

Erin Brock Carlson (2016-2018)

Dan Liddle, Western Kentucky University (2015-2017)

Liz Lane, University of Memphis (2014-2016)

Cody Reimer, University of Wisconsin-Stout (2013-2015)

Adam Strantz, Miami University (2012-2014)

Alex Layne, Metropolitan State University, MN (2011-2013)

Jessica Clements, Whitworth University (2010-2012)

Ehren Helmut Pflugfelder, Oregon State University (2009-2011)

Mark Pepper, Utah Valley State University (2008-2010)

Dana Driscoll, Indiana University of Pennsylvania (2008-2009)

Robert Nelson, Temple University Japan (2007-2008)

Marc Santos, University of Northern Colorado (2006-2008)

Jeremy Tirrell, University of North Carolina-Wilmington (2006-2007)

Christopher Berry, Cracker Barrel Corporation (2004-2006)

Mike Pennell, University of Kentucky (2003-2005)

Meredith Johnson, University of Southern Florida (2003-2005)